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Cancellation of iGEO 2020 Istanbul 17th IGEO to be held in Istanbul in 2021 The Local Organising Committee and the IGEO International Board have taken the decision that the 17th iGEO will be held in August 2021 in Istanbul. We are aware that this decision has many consequences, but the very real health risks and the capacity to travel for students and their leaders leave us with no other alternative.  The date for the 2021 iGeo is from August 10th to 16th 2021. All registrations received for iGeo 2020, will be carried over to 2021. On behalf of the Task Force and the Local Organising Committee, we wish to send our thoughts and best wishes to you all during these difficult times. We know that the coronavirus is affecting many of us across the world and at times like this it is important that we support each other in every way possible.  If you have any queries about this situation please contact: or  Local Organising Committee and Task Force   17th International Geography Olympiad  Istanbul, Turkey      MAIN ANNOUNCEMENT The 17th International Geography Olympiad 2020 Task Force and Local Organising Committee To: iGeo Country Team Leaders and the iGeo Community: The iGeo2020 Organizing Committee and Task Force have been closely following the current COVID-19 situation around the world.  After a series of discussions, the Organizing Committee has decided to continue preparing to host iGeo2020. However, since the status of the COVID-19 situation may change in the months ahead, the final decision to host iGeo2020 will be made by 15th June 2020.  Scenario A: By 15th June 2020, the COVID-19 situation is controlled or is no longer an issue. We will hold iGeo2020. Scenario B: By 15th June 2020 the risk of the COVID situation is still being determined, countries are still preventing entry to a range of visitors and international travel is restricted. iGeo2020 will be cancelled. For those who have not completed Initial/Team Registration: We are extending the deadline for Initial/Team Registration to May 22nd at 11:59 PM JST. Please complete your registration by that date. If not, your country will be disqualified from iGeo2020. If there are special circumstances that make completing registration by this time impossible, please contact us as soon as possible at Participation Fees The deadline for the payment of participation fees has been extended to June 26th.  After this date, countries who withdraw from the iGeo will receive a refund of 70% of the fees.  Those who do not pay the participation fee by the deadline will also be disqualified from participating in iGeo2020. Until 15th June 2020, we suggest: - not to buy travel tickets or buy tickets with no cancellation fees, - not to obtain visas, - not to transfer the participation fee. We hope the situation will improve swiftly and we will see you in Istanbul in August, 2020. Please contact us at or The announcement will be updated according to new developments. Please visit the website ( ) periodically. Local Organising Committee and Task Force   17th International Geography Olympiad  Istanbul, Turkey  Click for the main announcement pdf on the iGeo website.: COVID19_Announcement.pdf Dear Colleagues and Students, It is an honor and a pleasure for me to welcome you to the 17th International Geography Olympiad in Istanbul in 2020, Turkey. İstanbul has an enchanting location spreading over two continents. İstanbul also represents the unique feature of Turkey for serving as a bridge between different cultures. This feature will be the major asset of the 2020 17th iGeo in bringing together the young geographers. I have no doubt that this meeting will be valuable opportunity to be a part of scientifically enriched environment as well as perfect harmony with all historical beauties of magnificent Istanbul and Turkish hospitality and guaranteed to leave you with unforgettable memories. I am certain that İstanbul will mobilize the necessary experience, expertise and support for one of the most successful events in the history of the IGEO. On behalf of the Organizing Committee and Turkish Geographical Society, we look forward to have the pleasure and excitement of welcoming you to Istanbul. With warm regards, Prof. Dr. Barbaros GönençgilIGEO 2020 ORGANIZATION CHAIRMAN    Click for iGeo2020 Official Invitation Letter
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