The iGeo 2021 Istanbul Turkey


Dear iGeo friends,

We all hope that the IGEO 2021 can take place as scheduled, in Istanbul. However, we recognize the possibility of this not being the case. Whatever the circumstances we will hold an Olympiad next summer. Our first choice is to organize a face to face event as we had organised for 2020. Alternatively, we may organise an online competition for teams competing from their own countries, if travel to Turkey is not possible. Please keep checking our websites for updates.

Best wishes,
iGeo co-chairs
2 December, 2020


iGeo 2021 istanbul

Dear Colleagues and Students,

It is an honor and a pleasure for me to welcome you to the 17th International Geography Olympiad in Istanbul in 2021, Turkey.

İstanbul has an enchanting location spreading over two continents. İstanbul also represents the unique feature of Turkey for serving as a bridge between different cultures. This feature will be the major asset of the 2021 17th iGeo in bringing together the young geographers.

I have no doubt that this meeting will be valuable opportunity to be a part of scientifically enriched environment as well as perfect harmony with all historical beauties of magnificent Istanbul and Turkish hospitality and guaranteed to leave you with unforgettable memories.

I am certain that İstanbul will mobilize the necessary experience, expertise and support for one of the most successful events in the history of the IGEO.

On behalf of the Organizing Committee and Turkish Geographical Society, we look forward to have the pleasure and excitement of welcoming you to Istanbul.

With warm regards,

Prof. Dr. Barbaros Gönençgil


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